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About Us & FAQs

Here at Promo Hockey Cards Singles Buy Sell Trade we have been a long time restaurant hockey card collectors.  Like yourself we have been so excited that Tim Horton's has taken over from McDonald's for distributing hockey cards out of their restaurants.  We know how tough it is sometime to find that last card or cards to complete your set.  And sometimes just picking up that card of your favourite player in that tough to find set. So, we have acquired multiple quantities of all cards and offer them at fair price to you.  We will aim to keep in them all in stock for your one stop shop to complete your sets and will be charging a flat $2 S&H for unlimited number of cards.  

FAQs that we have received.

Q.  What happened to

A.  We have outgrown that domain name due to our fast expanding product lines we are offering.  We find that is a much better suited domain for the niche promotional hockey cards we sell.  We have started out grow this site as well with our fast expanding Funko Pop! Bobble Head offerings.  So, for more gaming and collectibles please visit our sister company

Q.  Do you buy or trade?

A.  The only cards we are trading for are the official winner cards (relic jersey, autograph and ect.).  The reason for that is we plenty of everything and want to maintain the high quality conditions of the cards we are selling.  All our cards from this year is fresh from cases of 800 packs and have not been tempered with or mishandled.

Q. Where are you located and is there local pick up?

A.  We are based in Waterloo, ON.  Sorry, we do not offer local ups anymore. Too many bad experiences. 

Q. Are you legit?

A.  Yes, we are a legitimate register business and we can provide you with our business registration number if you want. That is why unfortunately we have to collect taxes on your order as well. With that being said this is a hobby of our.  We try to price the cards fairly with the demand we experienced last year and our cost of $1.99 per pack and as there is no way we are drinking that much coffee :). We are not out to make a huge profit during our down time from other primary income businesses H2O Sporting Products and Giggle Life Baby Products  

Also, we are in no way associated with Tim Horton's restaurants.

Q.  What payment method do you accept?

A. We accept VISA, Mastercard or Paypal on our website.  We can also accept interact email on custom orders not placed on our website.  It will show up as "2261522 Ontario Inc" on your credit card as we share payment processing with our other primary income businesses to keep our cost down.

Q. Returns?

A.  Sorry, due to the nature, cost of the item and shipping we will not be accepting returns of cards.  Only exchanges if there is an issue with it.